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Job description of a graphic designer: What does a designer do?

A graphic designer has the responsibility of transforming verbal communication into visual communication so that consumers can readily accept all messages. They are tasked with understanding and implementing client requirements in terms of design. The following are the duties and responsibilities of graphic design jakarta :

  • Meet with clients to discuss business goals and job requirements
  • Estimate the time it will take to complete a job
  • Developing design prototypes by client goals
  • Think creatively to generate new ideas and concepts and develop interactive designs
  • Use innovation to redefine design within cost and time constraints
  • Presenting ideas and concepts that have been made
  • Proofreading to produce accurate and high-quality work
  • Demonstrate rough sketching illustration skills
  • Work as part of a team with copywriters, photographers, stylists, illustrators, other designers, account executives, web developers, and marketing specialists

The graphic design performance stage usually starts from the existence of a case. The problem is then identified, collecting data, finding ideas and ideas, designing, utilizing design elements, layout, and technical processes. Until finally, graphic design work is created by the expected needs.


As a graphic designer, you can also do branding through the designs you make, or a branding agency is a right solution to make your product more recognizable by many people.


The formulation of graphic design work is oriented towards data collection and then processed as a form of design by utilizing design elements such as lines, colors, shapes, and so on by adhering to design rules and principles such as composition, harmony, balance, and unity.


You could say that a graphic designer's main task is to be a problem solver for communication needs in visual form. They must create a design that can convey information and messages in a precise, concise, and transparent manner but more attractive to the audience.


To produce an excellent graphic design, a graphic designer must understand the concepts and promotion strategies in designing graphic design work. The visual design concept includes 4W and 2H, including:

  • What (positioning), what is offered from the product or message advertised, or sold as what.
  • Who (consumer segment) is suitable as a target or target market.
  • How (creativity), how to persuade prospective buyers to be interested, like, and loyal.
  • Where (media and activities), which areas or markets need to be worked on, and what media and activities are suitable for that market area.
  • When (scheduling), when the activity is carried out, and how long it will take.
  • How Much (budget), how far is the campaign's intensity, or how much is available to finance the advertising.

Becoming a graphic designer is not easy because the tasks that accompany it tend to be complicated. The most important requirement of a graphic designer is to have the ability to identify, design, and finally choose a symbol or sign that fits the context.


Graphic design work is not free to work, in the sense that in the process of its birth, there is a kind of dialogue that leads to the execution of graphic designs according to one party's needs and another as a problem-solving proposal idea.


In addition, a graphic designer can also advertise their products through the designs they make, they can do it through their own social media or company. Or you can advertise products through advertising agency services in Jakarta or those near your area.